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Why 3 Griffins? This is why....

3 Griffins Brewing was created out of necessity.

We are a 100% family owned and managed Australia nano brewery that started in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and is now located on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula. One of the quirks of our original location was that we were located in a 'dry zone' which didn't allow any fully licensed venues, such as pubs or clubs, so we had to make our own beer. Unfortunately it also meant that we couldn't sell our craft beer on-premise, which is why created this website, so we can share the small batch goodness with our craft beer loving friends.

We are on our way to finding a venue that will allow us to sell our hand crafted beers straight from the tap room or brewery door. But we are not quite there yet.

We use predominantly Victorian premium single source malt and don't add any sugar in the brewing process, unlike some commercial breweries. We prefer to rely on the malt, hops and yeast to create the craft beer magic. Our fresh craft beer isn't pasteurised after packaging, so is best kept refrigerated and consumed within three months.

And why are we called 3 Griffins? Simple. There are 3 Griffins on our family crest. The Griffin is a mythical creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle, and denotes strength, courage and leadership.

3 Griffins Brewing is a proud member of the Independent Brewers Association (IBA) and we support the Responsible Service of Alcohol. We remind you about our Terms of Service and that you must be over 18 years of age to access this website.

Oh, and no brewery would be complete without a brewery dog. Ziggy is shown here protecting the valuable brewing equipment with all the fierceness of a border collie with no sheep to round up. Ziggy would chase the 3 Griffins if he could.

Ziggy the brewery dog

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